Fastback Trade

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The UV purchase platform Fastback Trade

Are you a professional in the automobile sector ? You wish to purchase from Belgian and foreign dealers ? Our Fastback Trade platform is made for you !

Only professional buyers registered at the VAT-administration and at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (for traders and companies headquartered in Belgium) since at least 12 months are authorized to subscribe to the platform.



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Fastback Trade is a groundbreaking solution in the field of automobile sales.
You check out trade-ins from over 650 dealers and Belgian and foreign traders as to increase your purchase options.

With Fastback Trade you save time thanks to the centralization of ads and trade-in requests. Moreover, you broaden your coverage area for commercial prospecting so you can find the best purchase offer for a used vehicle.


Advantages of Fastback Trade

  • You gain access to hundreds of Belgian and foreign dealers.
  • You receive thousands of trade-in requests throughout the year.
  • The Fastback Trade platform is available in French, English, Dutch and German.
  • You set up your profile in order to get only those offers that interest you. You define certain criteria in function of coverage area, makes, technical criteria, etc.
  • A trader reliability evaluation system is applied so you can promote your experience to the dealers.
  • You receive notifications for each new offer or either by a single mail listing all of the day’s new offers.
  • You access offers from your tablet or smartphone thanks to the mobile application.

Want to learn more ?

You wish to find out more about Fastback Trade’s functioning or annual cost ? Don’t hesitate to contact us ! Our sales representatives are at your disposal to answer your questions or to offer you a demonstration of our application.

Our supplementary modules

You also wish to sell your customer’s trade-in vehicles ? All possible with Fastback Extended !

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The Fastback UV application is a solution that allows you to swiftly and efficiently manage your UV stock ! 

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Dealers and car traders that rely on us :

Dealer(s) Toyota
Dealer(s) Nissan
Dealer(s) Fiat
Dealer(s) Alfa Romeo
Dealer(s) Peugeot
Dealer(s) Multi-marques
Dealer(s) BMW
Dealer(s) Hyundai
Dealer(s) Renault
Dealer(s) Dacia
Dealer(s) Citroën
Dealer(s) Jaguar
Dealer(s) Land Rover
Dealer(s) Mini
Deale(s) Volvo


  • « Fastback improved and facilitated our NV/UV trade-in purchase requests. They assure an impeccable follow up and are really fast ! »

    Pierre Maree
    - Philippe Emond
  • « We were looking for a solution to centralize our trade-ins as it’s not easy working on four different sites and with various traders. We wanted to offer our clients the right price in each of our sites. Rumours from our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz led us towards Fastback. »

    Julie Raedschelders
    - Group Jam